Funny. While thinking about the New Thinking, we found: Isn't it actually New Speaking what it's all about? — How is that now? The second half of the 20th Century saw the development of a concept (a philosophical one, to be true) called the »Linguistic Turn«. The concept stated: It's not at all the thinking that makes the speaking – but quite the other way round. The speaking is that makes what we think. That gives it structure. Speak good and you'll think good. Allow for creativity and innovation to enter your speaking and you'll start thinking creatively and innovatively. And acting so. Wouldn't that be great? No more hard time trying to be creative. Just watching one's language. And letting creativity take over. Why not give it a try. And a start. This is, what we try to do here, too. Take new perspectives, make suggestions for you to try out new ways of thinking. For new acting. For new growth. For new success. And for new happiness, too.*

(*As the saying goes: N° 1 mistake to make at the stock market: Not to invest in the stock market. How about applying the rule to New Thinking?)

Pathways to New Thinking.
Some Ideas and Suggestions.

There's more soon. Care to stay a little longer? Try this:

Take a kook at the picture, »Nocturne: Green and Gold« by James Whistler.

15 Sec's: just look, nothing else – but don't forget to breathe, please. Feel your breathing, too.

No need for a watch here. Let your mind decide what 15 Sec's are.

Why should you do it, watch a picture?

Because it could do you good.

Ready? Shoot. 15 Sec's.


Did you some good after all, didn't it?

Do it again, if you care. Or move on.

(This was a kind of ultra-quick intervention for you.
Did you join in?)