By new

Every Change starts with New Thinking. Simplistic? Not at all! She – or he – who wants to change things must start with changing her (his) ways of thinking. Must think new things. Or old things in new ways. Look at them from new perspectives. Must find out, discover, invent, experiment, try, test. Drop things once in a while. And revisit things once dropped. It's a big wheel, it's going round in circles, it never stops. The world's turning. And keeps changing while it turns. Relentlessly. Sometimes: menacingly. We have it in our hands. To make ends meet. To make things good. Even to heal what needs healing. At least we can help things improve. If we're ready to help it.

(*Let yourself be inspired — and let's together create ways of New Thinking and New Growth.)

Here's some suggestions: What it could be, the »New Thinking«.* In eight Chapters we'll try to introduce to you: 1. The »New Thinking« itself. — 2. The »New Feeling«. — 3. The »New Words«. — 4. The »New Decision Making«. — 5. The »New Acting«. — 6. The »New Knowing«. — 7. The »New Skill«. — 8. The »New Being«.

(*New Thinking can be very easy – and should be: The easier, the more effective. Because, as a rule, what's easy can be tested right away. And discarded, in case it doesn't work. Saves plenty of time, this way. However, please give us a little time to formulate it properly ;–).)

That's what we're gonna do here: Develop ideas on what »New Thinking« can be. What it can do for us. How it can effect our lives. Looking at it from eight perspectives.