The Keep-Getting-Better-Focus N° 1


Wait a minute. Hasn’t this gotten all mixed up? Isn’t it the other way round: Business Strategy? Of course you’re right. But then, not. It’s pretty much exactly the way we want it, it’s very much in the right order: Strategy. Business. We put it that way because we want to leave no trace of a doubt about the fact: Each and every organization has to get her Strategy Business done. Has to get her strategy straight. Not just so and so. Not just »wishy-washy«. Not just when (some time in the future) there’s some time left to think about it, let alone write it down. No: Strategy is full time business. Full power business. Business is Strategy Business. Else, it’s squandering. Waste. Of time. Of means. Of manpower. Of brainpower. Also: Of energy, motivation, fun, and joy, too. Of your people’s readiness and willingness to engage.

No sweat now: You don’t have to work with us. But if you (intend to) do, better be prepared: We won’t let you »off the hook« without discussing (and deciding on) strategy topics. Sorry. No, better put: Rejoice! Strategy works is fun work – as it most surely leads to success. Or to more success. Or to less risk. Or to less failure. To less waste. To more happiness. So, once more, if at all necessary: There’s only one way to spell »business success«: Spell it S-t-r-a-t-e-g-y-B-u-s-i-n-e-s-s.

F. A. Hayek knows what he’s talking about — who if not him:

// It is not in our power to build a desirable society – or company – by simply putting together the particular elements that by themselves appear desirable. What we need is goals, reasons, and coherence. //

Friedrich August von Hayek (1899–1992)
Austrian Economist and social Philosopher