Decision Making is, of course, smack in the middle: Between the Thinking and the Taking of Action. Thought, Decision and Action is the Triad of Motion and Change. No doubt: Of life as a whole. Trivial? Not at all. Strange as it may sound: There is no »safe connection« between what we've been thinking / planning on doing – and what we eventually decide to do. Infinitesimally small amounts of time suffice to change our deliberations into action perfectly contradicting our previous thoughts and planned action. This is what makes it so precious to be aware of ourselves: What our routines (R's) are, our patterns (P's), our moods (M's) and our triggers (T's). All these R, P, M and T can get us into an awful lot of trouble if unaware, unchecked and unbalanced. Here's the remedy: Getting to know ourselves better at any given time, and getting back into the driver's seat in moments of R, P, M and T trying to take over. A good starting point for New Ways of Decision Making. Agree?

New Ways to new Decision Making. Some Ideas, Suggestions and Advice.*

(*Give us a little time to let our ideas take shape here. We'll try to keep simple whatever we'll come up with here. As keeping things simple means to keep it easy to try things out. And succeed. But still, however simple it may be in the end, it takes some time to write it down.)

More, soon.

More, soon.

One more Word?

»The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.«

Peter F. Drucker (1909 – 2005) — american Economist and Business Consultant; Some people even say: The inventor of modern Management