Power Tracks to Change / N° 4


That’s the best thing of all, anyhow: Personal Change. Because here, in personal change, we ourselves are the source of change. Here, our brains are the source of change. Our moods and emotions are the source of change. Our readiness and our unwillingness are the source of change. (Strange as it may sound: Even while we’re not willing to change, we’ll still change – however, possibly not in desirable ways, one must add.) »Human thought is power – creative and creating power«, the philosopher says (Alfred North Whitehead). 

But then, not to get all exited, there is another fact to change. It goes: Change we must, like it or not. Why is that? Because, mainly, we simply cannot stay the same while the world keeps changing. We have to answer to the world’s inventing things. Adapt, too. Stay afloat. Occasionally even try to stay ahead. At times, resist, oppose, fight back. Then again, sway with her, surf her, dance with her. That’s change for you. We wouldn’t know a better word for it. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Come to think of it: We do have a better word for it. Life?

Economist / Psychologist Stafford Beer on personal change:

// We are free when the doors of our intellectual suite of rooms are unlocked, and we walk outside to breathe some new and fresher air. //

Stafford Beer (1926–2002)
British Economist, »Cybernetic« and Behavioral psychologist, Considered Founder of Management CYBERNETICS