Entries to the World.

To us, the expression, no, the notion of the »Horizon« is pure longing. Pure desire to start. To discover. Strange that few people should take special interest in the idea. Neither do organisations. Ought to be fun, though. Might be important, too. To dream. To try out perspectives. To grow aware of possibilities. To take goals into views. To reflect on what might come, what shall come. To leave the old behind. What’s grown narrow. Or stale. To overcome limitations, borders, boundaries. To step over thresholds, into the big wide open. For the new, the better.

At times, what we observe is that people hesitate to start at all. To change things pro-actively. They prefer to hide »in the woods« — instead of taking a decisive step into the open. They tend to avoid taking action — for fear of a loss of options. They seem to avoid, even dread, realistic assessment, be it of their skills, of their »market worth«, of their careers (even lives) as a whole.

Which is, of course, a perfectly unrealistic concept of »realistic«. It’s unrealistic as realism isn’t a thing in the first place. It’s a process. The real never »is«. It develops, grows, adapts: to goings-on, to surroundings, to other »realisms« developing. So, how could one ever make a »false move«, take a step in the wrong direction, when making the move, taking the step, the initiative, the action, is what creates reality – not meets a preexisting one?

That said, it isn’t even necessary to clarify where one’s heading while taking a step – if that’s what’s bothering one. It perfectly depends on the type of person taking the step. There’s all kinds of types out there. Some like it to be as precise, as deliberate as possible while making a move. Others love it to leave things open, to feel the high spirit of chance. Enjoy the slight feeling of dizziness that comes with it.

Whatever works. Do it your way – as long as your are aware of why you do it and what’s the reason for doing it your way.

But back to Horizon. Be aware of it’s being there. Have a look at it once in a while. Pick out a tiny little detail in it you find interesting. Make a step in it’s direction. Look again:

Great thing, the Horizon.

Even greater thing: To open the World. And being open for it.

Greatest thing: To grow by one’s opening the World.

Care for a Picture?

No doubt: New thinkings makes for new horizons. Wait a minute – is it more like the other way round: New horizons to make for new thinking?

Give us a minute to meditate on that one. While you may want to return to the New Ways of Thinking Section . . . ?