Power Tracks to Change / N° 3


From an organizational point of view, any change, to be effective, must be »WE-CHANGE« — must be »change of all, not just of some«. Not new? Right. Anyhow, there’s no way to overstate it. 

Some people, for instance, tend to say: »Let’s go for quick wins«, in which they are basically right. But then, the risk is to still get stuck: To unwittingly create an »us–them-divide« of those »in-the-know«, and the others, out-of-it, and not being able to cross it. 

Some people say: »Let’s keep things low-key, not to spur headwind«. Again, right. But then: If you’re afraid of contradiction, you should be afraid even more of what you’ll get if you don’t tackle it. 

Our experience: It’s fine to start small, try things out, improve things early on, go for quick wins. But: Spread the news frankly. Invite people. Do not exclude them (to keep things handy). Do what you can to prevent us-them-thinking from taking root. Risk is high you won’t grow a tree but start a fire. Burning in the wrong direction, too. Change is by no means to be exclusive, excluding, for-a-few; but, of course, inclusive, sharing, spreading, things-changing, for-all.

A word from people who know.

// True satisfaction in people comes along only if people know why they did what they did – even if what they did proved successful. //

Charles S. Carver und Michael F. Scheier
Behavioral Psychologists