Power Tracks to Change / N° 7


Granted. That’s an artificial one, now. Change-o-vation? Close to inscrutable. But then: We’d go to great lengths if we had to convince you that Change and Innovation are inseparable. Twins. Change without innovation isn’t worth calling it change in the first place. Something has to be new. Something has to be better. To be change. To be worth it. Doesn’t have to be a biggie, though. The smallest innovation can change the worldest (sorry for the groaner). No big deal: Making it round so it rolls can get you a wheel. Throwing out one little step can get you a whole new process. Changing one little habit can change your life.

That’s CHANGE-O-VATION for you!

(»SMALL STEP FOR MAN – HUGE LEAP FOR MANKIND«, is what the man said, Neil Armstrong, first one on the moon. All change, big inventions included, usually come with small first steps. Not convinced? Try it out. Make it a start. Send us some shares when you’re listed.)

Two basics of innovation.

// I imagined what a better person might do, and I did that instead. //

Ted Chiang
American Novelist

// If you are not able to change your mind, you’re very probably not able to change things. //

Babette Nilshon
Business COnsultant and Executive Coach

To be honest: Neil’s small step wasn’t so small after all. Two, maybe three foot? And it’s not even Neil who does the stepping here: Neil’s the one to make all the shooting. Buzz to do the modelling. (Talk about storytelling.)