Ahhh. Acting. For many people, action people (including many managers), this feels good, secure, home turf! We say: That's good. A weakness. — »Now what??? Home turf? Secure? Good? Weakness?« — Look, let us explain: It's »good«, because it is generally good to single out our weaknesses, our sweet spots. This is where to put the chisel to and go to work*. And it is a »weakness« as feeling secure, feeling at home, easily misleads to action automated. Instead of looking closely. Instead of adapting to what's really up, sizzling, in need for being taken care of. Action »from the shelf« instead of action different, unexpected, surprising. We say: We don't want automatism. Action habitual, business as usual? Only in small doses. Action tailored to situation: At any rate! Action surprising, astonishing, unreckoned, unheard of?
You tell.

(*The saying goes, according to the book: »Strengthen strengths, weaken weaknesses«. This is of course right. But also wrong. Actually: More wrong than right. The rule ignores the fact** that with most people their greatest strengths tend to turn into considerable weaknesses.)

(**Come to think of it: This is a good one, too: »The rule ignores the fact.« You may quote us on this one.)

New Ways of Acting.
Ideas and Suggestions.

(*Give us a little time to let our ideas take shape here. We'll try to keep simple whatever we'll come up with here. As keeping things simple means to keep it easy to try things out. And succeed. But still, however simple it may be in the end, it takes some time to write it down.)

One more Thing?

»A predicament: The human mind tends – if unaware – to interact only with its own images of the world. The implication is, that there is a world ‚out there‘ that operates by certain sets of laws, and a mental world ‚in there‘ operating by a different set of laws. The solution (and prerequisite) to escape this predicament is awareness: what are my images of the world – the inner and the outer ones?«

Alfred North Whitehead (1861 – 1947)
british Mathematician and Philosopher