New Thinking. New Inventiveness. Finding and choosing new Ways.
New Ways of Cooperation. New Ways of Success. New Ways to learn something new and exiting. Every Day. And new Ways to add every single Day to Change.

Schlicht Nilshon Consulting is a Consultancy Firm based in Munich/Germany. Our Clients include national and international Enterprises and Organisations. • We help our clients to build up and »hone« top level > Leadership Competences, > Strategy Competences, > strategic and market-oriented Product Development Competences, > Innovation Competences, and > Change Competences. We help our clients to meet their demands, and to develop – successfully and sustainably. • We understand the way our clients think – their culture, the dynamics of their businesses, their clients, their markets. • We help our clients to identify their mission, their fields of future development, their strategies to success and growth. We help them make their messages heard, understood, and internalized throughout the organization – to communicate them organization-wide – correctly, concisely, clearly, motivatingly. • We help our clients to identify – and meet – future demands. • We help our clients to »strategize« – that is, to develop strategies that work, and to make the strategies happen, to bring them to life, to fruition, to make them real. 

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To make Success sustainable…
…it is not enough to just know what it is we’re doing. We need to understand why we‘re actually doing it. Sustainability, thus, is not at all about goals, it’s about meaning. Purely goal-driven organizations risk to virtually „burn out“, whereas meaning-aware organizations tend to envigorate and renew themselves from within: Meaning adds understanding, drive, power, supplety, flexibility, changability to the organization. Meaning makes the organization resilient – that is, adaptable to change.
The picture shows: Manhattan Bridge, New York City, USA.