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Schlicht Nilshon Consulting GbR

Gruenwald Office:
Phone: (0049) (089) 28 81 81 - 0
Gabriel-von-Seidl-Strasse 48
82031 Gruenwald

Munich Office:
Phone: (0049) (089) 64 94 31 94
Harthauserstrasse 71 a
81545 Munich


Communication is not at all Rocket Science.
Just grab the phone – and call. Or send us an e-mail. Or both! As Robert Townsend, in his #1 New York Times Bestseller, 'Up The Organization', put it: "How many times have you read something and said to yourself: 'I need to talk to him'? Pick up the phone, write, but do it. And do it now."
The picture shows: Schlicht Nilshon Consulting, touching down at a so far uncharted (meaning: uncoached) planet. Up in the sky please notice the stars' happy twirling and twinkling – they're all customers of ours.